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We thank our main sponsors for the support!

About RollRinn

With the aim to support disabled sports a broad impact, the association RollRinn was founded in 2000 in the town of Rinn, a village south of Innsbruck. The motto of us

"RollRinn - sports and culture under the banner of integration – a village in motion"


Sport – An annual parallel slalom without classification, disabled and able-bodied athletes can meet annually in an exciting eace under the banner of integration. Sport and Culture - To bring as many people as possible closer to disabled sport and to offer the athletes a fitting setting for their award ceremony, there will be musicians, comedians and cabaret artists in the marquee an we also offer a varied program for children. In collaboration with the association Snow Clan is it possible for not handicaped people to sit in a mono-ski or bi-ski and make a few turns.

All with free admission

So it’s possible to offer professional staging for disabled sports, which is partly possible because of more than 200 volunteer helpers for RollRinn, which are working for days or weeks. Also numerous other sponsors contribute financially for the association. Only by this broad and shared commitment, it is possible that the entire event and the entertainment can take place with free admission.


The network RollRinn supports and helps

The members of the association, whose many talents and contacts, and the proceeds from the annual event allow the association RollRinn to support disabled sportsmen and women. In addition RollRinn also helps many families in need and supports social projects.

The association RollRinn plans to use the connecting and integrating power of the rural community of Rinn in Tyrol to help to reduce the barriers between disabled and non disabled people.

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